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Finally build your 6 figure private practice in 60 days

The Lazy Startup

with a cutting edge course that makes it effortless.

Amy Vredenburgh

Founder of The lazy therapist and certified clini-coach®

TWO WEEKS. That’s all the time I had to decide to work for another practice or to get my private practice ducks in a row...insanely scary ducks.

I went from “I am never going to have a private practice and not cut out for it”, to “Holy hot for business baby!"

And not just open for business but THRIVING at it for almost four years. You don’t have to be in the field forever and you don't have to be a business guru to have the private practice of your dreams.

You aren't the average therapist. You're ready for more.


There's nothing special about you... to why you CAN'T step into your 6 figure private practice. You can do this without…any business experience, any insurance contracts ready or an office space. And what about about having a client-magnet of a website right out of the gates? And not just relying on Psychology Today, Therapy Den, or networking until you want to hide under the covers for a month!


The secrets of a thriving private practice

we are going to walk through the number 1 secret that is really at the heart of a thriving mental health private practice AND what brings In more cash pay clients. Right. From. The. Start. Hard nope to scrambling for clients.


Finally ready?

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